Experience and Reality 2

7-10 september 2015
Schwarzsee, Switzerland

The world is one thing, and our experience of it is another - and, some of us would say, quite a different - affair. At this workshop, we want to talk together about the various ways one can understand the relationship between reality and our experience and representations of it. This workshop is a sequel to the Experience and Reality workshop from 2014.

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Speakers :
Laurent Cesalli (Geneva)
Gianfranco Soldati (Fribourg)
Olivier Massin (Geneva)
Jiri Benovsky (Fribourg)
Coralie Dorsaz (Fribourg)
Baptiste Le Bihan (Fribourg/Rennes)
Hamid Taieb (Geneva and Lausanne)

Place of the workshop :
Schwarzsee, Zermatt