Experience and Reality

17-20 June 2014
Ovronnaz, Switzerland

The world is one thing, and our experience of it is another - and, some of us would say, quite a different - affair. At this workshop, we want to talk together about the various ways one can understand the relationship between reality and our experience and representations of it, with a focus on space and time.

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Speakers :
Fabrice Correia (University of Neuchâtel)
Gianfranco Soldati (University of Fribourg)
Jiri Benovsky (University of Fribourg)
Coralie Dorsaz (University of Fribourg)
Akiko Frischhut (University of Geneva)
Jean Bohnert (University of Fribourg)

Place of the workshop :

How to get to Ovronnaz :
To get from Geneva Airport or Zurich Airport to Ovronnaz is very easy (it takes about 3 hours, a bit more from Zurich than from Geneva) : Directly at the airport, you just have to take a train followed by a connecting bus (since the train does not go up in the mountains of course). The timetable of the trains, including the connecting bus is here (you buy just ONE ticket for both the train and the bus, it's operated by the same company, so you buy just ONE ticket from Geneva to Ovronnaz and return). To find the timetables, just write on this webpage "Geneva-airport" or "Zurich-airport" to "Ovronnaz" and click OK, you will then be given a choice, and there you pick "Ovronnaz, centre therm. Melley", and you'll get all you need. The bus stops directly in front of the hotel. (Note : on this website "IR", "IC" and "EC" are all trains, "BUS" is ... the bus :-))