The Self and Subjectivity

13-16 March 2018
Ovronnaz, Switzerland

At this workshop, we will be interested in the concept of the Self as understood in different philosophical traditions: Buddhist philosophy, phenomenology, and contemporary metaphysics. We will try together to answer the following questions: what is the no-Self view? Do we need a Self to explain subjectivity and self-awareness? Does a thought necessarily have to be the thought of someone? And what do we mean when we say that the "I" is nothing else than a convention, a fiction, or even a narrative production? Can these questions – and their answers – have an ethical impact, or can change the way we live our lives?
This workshop is organized as a discussion of pre-read papers that speakers shall make available one month before the conference, in such a way that commentators will be able to prepare comments in advance.

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Speakers :
L.A. Paul (UNC Chapel Hill)
Martine Nida-Ruemelin (Fribourg)
Mark Siderits (Illinois)
Robert Howell (SMU)
Dan Zahavi (Copenhagen)
Joel Krueger (Exeter)
Thomas Sattig (Tübingen)
Gianfranco Soldati (Fribourg)

Place of the workshop :

Organization :
Jiri Benovsky

How to get to Ovronnaz :
To get from Geneva Airport or Zurich Airport to Ovronnaz is very easy (it takes about 3 hours, a bit more from Zurich than from Geneva) : Directly at the airport, you just have to take a train followed by a connecting bus (since the train does not go up in the mountains of course). The timetable of the trains, including the connecting bus is here (you buy just ONE ticket for both the train and the bus, it's operated by the same company, so you buy just ONE ticket from Geneva to Ovronnaz and return). To find the timetables, just write on this webpage "Geneva-airport" or "Zurich-airport" to "Ovronnaz" and click OK, you will then be given a choice, and there you pick "Ovronnaz, centre therm. Melley", and you'll get all you need. The bus stops directly in front of the hotel. (Note : on this website "IR", "IC" and "EC" are all trains, "BUS" is ... the bus :-))